We are Mach

Tax laws are complex and continuously changing, there is just too much to know. That’s where we come in. We made it our duty to guide you on how you can best strategically prepare your taxes.

Initially, Mach was established with a team of specialists in accounting and tax preparation with a special focus on VAT (value-added tax) issues, and to provide a comprehensive financial services experience, we later partnered with a professional independent audit firm. Headquartered in Dubai, our services are provided in UAE, KSA, and aspiring to cover the entire GCC region in the upcoming years.

As your professional partners, we utilize our extensive experience in:

  • Financial statements reporting,
  • Independent auditing services,
  • Tax compliance and planning,
  • Creating the best impact of VAT for your business by calculating due taxes, exempted capital assets, and making successful refund claims,
  • Much more to help you keep what you earned and get the best of your money’s worth.


To become the leader of tax consulting services in the GCC region.


We’re Mach and it’s all in our name. Our mission is to deliver optimal results quickly and accurately. With every consulting and service transaction we process, we are aiming to create ever-lasting partnerships with our clients through providing excellent professional support. We are committed to providing a service that exceeds our clients’ expectations and leaves them satisfied and happy every time.


We have chosen the name Mach, known to indicate the speed of sound, because we understand the value of quick procedures and the role it plays in the success of your business. However, under no circumstances do we tradeoff the quality of the service we provide for speed, as we are a group of experienced professionals with long and proven track records in leadership roles and success in executive positions. Our approach is built on principles of accuracy, confidentiality, and partnership. Our main goal is to be your partners in your journey, there is nothing we value more than helping your business prosper and reaching your potential.

We pride ourselves with our competent team of qualified experts and professionals, who are readily available to guide you and pave the path for your business in financial and tax consulting services. Overall, the key qualities of our services are:

  • Providing quick and accurate accounting, auditing, and tax services,
  • Efficiency in creating the best impact of VAT on your business.
  • Maintaining a successful partnership through sustainable and satisfactory results.



Board Members

Masoud Bin Masoud

Mr. Masood Mohammed Bin Masood

Mr. Masood is a seasoned professional and a national expert in energy, sustainable development, environmental conservation, occupational safety, public health, and quality control. Mr. Masood has over 20 years of extensive working experience, during which he made a progressive and sustainable effect on environmental awareness as evident by his phenomenal record of achievements. He is an active advocate of environment conservation and his outstanding efforts were repeatedly recognized by the Government of the UAE and Dubai Municipality. He is currently the Head of Investment Zones & Logistics Support in Dubai Municipality.


Dr. Mohammad Al Nazli

Founder and General Director of Mach Tax Consultant

PhD in Business Management, CPM, CPD, CPIA

Dr. Al Nazli holds a PhD in Business Management of International Cambridge. He is a thought leader, an expert in finance, accounting, and administration with over 11 years of experience of working in various leadership roles across multiple industries, currently being the Finance Director of EmailCiti. Throughout his career, he exhibited excellence in making strategic decisions in a highly trustworthy, discreet, and ethical manner. He also works hand in hand with another expert who is a passionate entrepreneur and an accomplished expert in the fields of accounting and finance, with the field of focus being VAT as he has already given more than a hundred VAT seminars across the UAE.

Mohammad Al Khatib

Mr. Mohammad Al Khatib

Founder and Chairman of Mach Investment Group

Founder and Chairman of Mach International Investment Group, headquartered in the UAE with branches in several countries in Europe, the Middle East and the Arab Gulf.

Mr. Mohammad Al Khatib holds a Masters degree in Mechanical Engineering and has over 22 years of working experience in Business Management, in addition to establishing and developing international projects.

Meet the Team

Making it seem as if it’s almost too easy.

Mohammad Saleh

Mohammad Saleh

Bachelor of Accounting, CMA, CFC

Mr. Mohammad Saleh is a management professional with over 16 years as he held senior and executive roles. His impressive regional experience was made by working with a multitude of international organizations where he spearheaded finance operations. He is a resourceful results-driven professional with an extensive experience in due diligence, planning and implementing restructuring plans, and starting up operations from scratch. As of today, he is the Finance Director in MCN Group.


Velu Arumugam

Chartered Accountant and Cost Accountant

VAT Management Consultancy

Mr. Velu has a working experience of over 2 decades in various industries in both manufacturing and service sectors. Throughout his journey as an entrepreneur he was able to help many SME businesses and young professionals. He strongly believes in two fundamentals of life and practices them: to give more than what we take, and to produce more than what we consume. In his relationship with his clients he often is the business mentor, as he was the guide and support in VAT legislation issues, and a guide for his fellow Chartered Accountants in conducting VAT presentations. His strong functional forte is in setting up accounting systems and procedures, designing the appropriate solutions aided by his specialization in computerization and automation of business processes.


Balaram Vuchidi

Chartered Accountant

Spectrum Accounting & Auditing

Balaram Vuchidi is a qualified Chartered Accountant. He has varied experience of audit, accountancy and taxation with over 14 years of working experience in big 4 auditing firms and industry. His skills help companies to set up the financial process and controls in corporate, evaluation of new businesses and investment opportunities, in addition to managing compliance issues. He is currently the Managing Partner at Spectrum Accounting & Auditing, a firm specializing in auditing, advising on accounting & financials matters and assessing the impact of VAT on business.

Doha hassonah

Doha Hassounah

Bachelor of Accounting

Ms. Doha Hassounah is a driven and self-motivated professional with more than 12 years of experience in the field of accounting. Her key skills include excellent communication, multi-

tasking, and carrying out responsibilities in an effective and ethical manner. Throughout her career she has achieved various objectives by resolving service problems and recommending optimal solutions after analyzing business needs.


Terry Valeza

Bachelor of Management Accounting

Mr. Terry is an accounting professional with nearly 6 years of experience in various sectors. He has comprehensive knowledge in accounting and finance, and enjoys strong analytical and problem-solving skills.


Juliana Alkhazova

Bachelor of Finance

Ms. Juliana is a competent professional with +4 years of experience in the field of accounting. She has maintained a progressively developing career in a number of sectors and regions including accounting, brokerage, and banking.

To watch us work our magic, you can reach us at:

M: +971 50 896 8233

or: +971 50 896 8233

T: +971 4 228 3773

F: +971 4 228 3774